New MAGAS record out, playing FREE show Sept 1.

I’ll be playing an intimate show in Chicago at Danny’s Tavern on Tuesday, September 1st at Danny’s Tavern (1947 W. Dickens), as part of Beau Wanzer’s h.o.t.h. night.

My new 12″ Heads Plus is available for mail order via Midwich. Order it HERE. You can also get it digitally from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Boomkat, Juno, Beatport and just about any other place digital music is sold. If you’re in Chicago, stop in at Reckless Records and grip a vinyl copy from me.

“Five tracks of twitching and scuzz-stained electronics…delivers the goods: amidst smothering layers of distortedgrime, it has a maniacally bopping groove…” READ MORE 

“If the styles colloquially labeled “mutant techno” and “trip metal” in the US underground can loosely claim any sort of spiritual godfather figure, in terms of both sonic vocabularies and label/distribution practices, Chicago-by-way-of-Ann-Arbor champion zoner Jim Magas is that person.” READ MORE

“Magas is the mellower, more stoic assassin. His grooves on the five-song Heads Plus EP even get smooth at times, relying more on repetition than din to squeeze your brain into a beat-vise…the method is practically surgical, at least in the sense that when you’re on these songs’ table, you’re anesthetized enough to not notice all the incisions and stitches until you realize they’ve already been made.”

Heads Plus was released on my own label, Midwich Productions. We also put out Moon Pool and Dead Band and have records coming from Viands, Mick Travis and more. Stop over at the Midwich site and check it out.

Magas Announces New Label: MIDWICH

I am very pleased to announce that I’m starting a new label called MIDWICH. Midwich will release electronic music from the urban wilderness of the Midwest. The first two records to be released on July 14th, 2015 are Moon Pool and Dead Band – MEQ 2×12″ and (ahem) MAGAS – Heads Plus 12″ EP. Midwich will be releasing music on vinyl, complimented with digital downloads. The covers are adorned with the eye-catching work of Mark Salwowski. In the fall, we’ll have an LP by Viands and Mick Travis. As the release date approaches, we’ll have more specific information about where these records can be purchased for retail and wholesale. We’ll also open up the Midwich online shop on the Midwich site. We hope that you’re as excited was we are!


MAGAS – “Machete King”

Magas 2014 Favorite Music

We’re a month into 2015, but music is timeless, so I thought I’d share my favorite music from 2014. This isn’t meant to be comprehensive–I shot from the hip and it these were the titles that effortlessly jumped to the fore. I didn’t discover Myriam Gendron’s Not So Deep As a Well LP until the new year began, but it’s a very beautiful album. Also missing is Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras’s Catholic 2LP on Dark Entries, but I put it on a list when the CD came out in 2009. Been waiting a while for the vinyl release of that gem! But here are the ones that made it. I’m sure there are just as many great ones that I missed.

Jim Magas 2014 Tops

Theo Parrish – American Intelligence 3LP (Sound Signature)
Consumer Electronics – Estuary English 2LP (Dirter)
Beau Wanzer – Beau Wanzer LP (Beau Wanzer)
Beau Wanzer – Power Outage 10″ (Nation)
Quintron – Spellcaster II: Death In Space LP (Pizza Burglar)
Da Sampla – Westside Sessions 2LP+7″ (Wild Oats)
Bobby Beausoleil – Lucifer Rising Suite 4CD (Anja)
Destroy All Monsters – Hot Box 1974-1994 3LP (Munster)
Jay Denham – Karmatic Equations 2LP (Wild Oats)
Raspberry Bulbs – Privacy LP (Blackest Ever Black)
Jack Ruby – Hit & Run 2CD (St. Cecilia Knows)
Various Artists – Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik 2LP (Cache Cache)
Omar S. – FXHE mix CDs (FXHE)
Sleaford Mods – Divide & Exit LP (Harbinger Sound)
Sleaford Mods – Chubbed Up+ CD (Ipecac)
Oren Ambarchi – Stacte Karaoke 12″ (Black Truffle)
Ninos Du Brasil – Novos Mistérios (Hospital)
Reagenz – Periodic Table 3×12″ (The Bunker NY)
Objekt – Flatland 2LP (Pan)
Larry Heard – Alien 2LP (Alleviated)

MAGAS Celebrates New Year’s Eve with Andrew WK


On December 31st, 2014, I will be playing live at Thalia Hall with Andrew WK and Big Dipper. This will be the ONLY 2014 appearance by MAGAS.

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 2.28.30 PM.

Tickets available HERE.

4 Classic MAGAS Titles Now Available For Download

Greetings! 4 classic MAGAS records are now available for download. I’ve finally gotten aboard the Bandcamp train and have made available 4 hard-to-find Magas records: Violent ARP, May I Meet My Accuser, Friends Forever and the Bad Blood EP. These records span the first decade of the 2000s and feature many rare and hard-to-find tracks, as well as classic live staples. These albums are reasonably priced; each track can be purchased individually for 50 cents each. The ENTIRE catalogue can be purchased for less than $20. If you’ve been wondering where you can find the early MAGAS albums, this is the place.

Magas Helps Score Asia Argento’s New Film, Incompresa


BlagGKUCcAAOxaYI am very honored to have been given the opportunity to work on music for Italian director Asia Argento‘s new film, INCOMPRESA aka Mistunderstood. The film stars Guilia Salerno, Gabriel Garko, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Max Gazzè, Anna Lou Castoldi, Alice Pea, Justin Pearson and Caroline Poccioni, with cinematography by Nicola Pecorini, shot on Super 16mm film.

Over a period of months, I was asked to develop several themes that Asia had written, while developing a few of my own. Aiding me in this mission were cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, violinist Julie Pomerleau and clarinetist Weasel Walter. Other sections of the film feature scored music from Brian Molko (Placebo), The Locust and Gilles Toop. The experience has been life-changing and remains one of the most artistically satisfying things I have worked on to date. Incompresa will compete as an official selection in the 2014 Festival de Cannes, as part of Un Certain Regard.